Janet Baker sings Lieder

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Janet Baker sings Lieder
Janet Baker (mezzo-soprano) / Martin Isepp (piano)

[ Regis Records / CD ]

Release Date: Tuesday 18 October 2005

"Janet Baker's range of expression.. runs the whole gamut from joyful golden tone colour of courtship to the agony of bereavement ..Martin Isepp a highly sensitive and and supportive partner.." - Penguin Guide Rosette

"Carefully remastered and sounding remarkably real and vivid…her range of expression runs the whole gamut, from a joyful golden tone-colour through to an ecstatic half-tone. A performance that should be in every collection." (Penguin Guide)

"..glorious disc, one to cherish and play, as I have already, over and over again.."- JBS (Gramophone)

"This is a record of glorious lieder singing, beautifully accompanied with a warm-toned piano (which is not how it used to sound). Snap it up" (MUsicWeb Nov 2005)


1-8. Schumann: Frauenliebe und Leben
9. Schubert: Heimliches Lieben Op.106 / 1
10. Minnelied D429
11. Die Abgebluhte Linde Op.7 / 1
12. Der Musensohn Op.92 / 1
13. Brahms: Die Mainacht Op.43 / 2
14. Das Madchen Spricht Op.107 / 3
15. Nachtigall Op.97 / 1
16. Von Ewiger Liebe Op.43 / 1