Coppelia (Complete ballet recorded in 2000)

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Coppelia (Complete ballet recorded in 2000)
The Royal Ballet / Leanne Benjamin, Carlos Acosta / Opera House Orchestra, Nicolae Moldoveanu

[ BBC / Opus Arte DVD / DVD ]

Release Date: Thursday 11 April 2002

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G:- "Highest-quality image and resolution."
(Four Stars


Anamorphic 16:9 - Dolby Digital Surround 5.1 - Colour - 120 Minutes - PAL

-Historic 10-minute film: 'The Ballet Moves'
-Illustrated biography of Sir Osbert Lancaster (1908 - 86)
-Introduction to the original broadcast by Deborah Bull
-Illustrated booklet with the synopsis and biographies

Swanilda: Leanne Benjamin
Franz: Carlos Acosta
Dr Coppelius: Luke Heydon
Coppleia: Leana Palmer

'Coppelia', a mechanical doll made by the toy-maker Dr. Coppelius, is so lifelike that some believe she is his daughter. The mistake leads to intrigue and jealousy in love.

This 19th century classic, in an enchanting production by Royal Ballet choreographer Dame Ninette de Valois, with original designs by Sir Osbert Lancaster, was broadcast live by BBC television in February 2000.

"The story concerns the beautiful mechanical doll of toy-maker Dr. Coppelius, who is so realistic that the girls of the village plus one would-be Romeo believe her to be his real life daughter. This naturally leads to all sorts of misunderstandings, jealousy and finally hilarity. The village has a generic central European stylized appearance and the matching costumes of the villagers are colorful and attractive. The lead female dancer is Leanne Benjamin as Swanilda and Carlos Acosta is the handsome Romeo who arouses her jealousy by paying attention to Coppelia. Both seem excellent, though I'm the first to admit I'm not a ballet critic. Highest-quality image and resolution."
(Four Stars