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Advanced Search Tips

It may sound odd, but using the advanced search can help locate the items you are looking for, more quickly than the Quick Search.

The Quick Search (located at the top of every page) does it’s magic by looking at the unique words in your search request. However it doesn’t always find exactly what you looking for -- quite often it finds more items than you might expect.

Using the Advanced Search you can restrict the area where you are searching to one particular section of the site.

1. In our example we’ll use CD as the section. Normally searching for "Queen" will find many items, some of which may not interest the average Queen fan. By using the Advanced Search you can quickly find the Royal Classic Rock you were actually looking for!

type it for me Simply set "section" to "CD" in first menu, then set the search settings to "artist", "is" and type "Queen" (without the quotes) into the text box on the right. Now hit search (but remember to click the back button to return to the rest of these hints when you have tried it).

2. To further narrow your search, you can click the "+" symbol to the right of the first search box. This will reveal a second set of settings you can use. In our example we’re looking for an album, but we can’t remember exactly what it is called, just that it had "Magic" in the title…

type it for me In the second set of search settings, select "Album" from the first list, "contains" from the second and enter "Magic" (without the quotes) into the second search area. Now hit search (and please come back).

Well we hope you have gotten the hang of the basics of using the Advanced Search -- have fun trying it out for yourself, and remember:

If you continue to have problems, you can email or call us on +64 9 379 0444 for help from a real person!

Thanks again for choosing Marbecks.