Sliver: The Best of the Box

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Sliver: The Best of the Box

[ Geffen Records / CD ]

Release Date: Thursday 3 November 2005

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This single CD highlights the most significant recordings from the box set 'With The Lights Out', and features the inclusion of three bonus tracks of previously unreleased recordings.

Nirvana changed the course of popular music forever and remain an inspiration to those who have followed. The band's musical legacy was illuminated further in November 2004 by the release of the critically acclaimed 3 CD/DVD box set 'With The Lights Out', the definitive collection of Nirvana rarities and outtakes.

Nirvana's 'Sliver: The Best of the Box' highlights the most significant recordings from 'With the Lights Out', compiled onto a single CD. 'Sliver: The Best of the Box' features 19 tracks from the box set and also includes 3 previously unreleased recordings: "Spank Thru" (from 1985's 'Fecal Matter' demo tape featuring Kurt Cobain on guitar and Dale Crover of the Melvins on bass and drums); "Sappy" (1990 studio recording); "Come as You Are (1991 pre-Nevermind rehearsal recording).

'Sliver' includes a 24 page booklet with rare photos and detailed notes and quotes from the band.


1. Spank Thru (1985 'Fecal Matter' demo -- previously unreleased)
2. Heartbreaker (live)
3. Mrs. Butterworth (rehearsal)
4. Floyd the Barber (live)
5. Clean Up Before She Comes (solo acoustic demo)
6. About a Girl (solo acoustic demo)
7. Blandest (demo)
8. Ain't it a Shame (demo)
9. Sappy (1990 studio demo -- previously unreleased)
10. Opinion (live solo acoustic)
11. Lithium (live solo acoustic)
12. Sliver (solo acoustic demo)
13. Smells Like Teen Spirit (rehearsal demo)
14. Come as You Are (Boom Box version -- previously unreleased)
15. Old Age (outtake)
16. Oh the Guilt (b-side)
17. Rape Me (solo acoustic demo)
18. Rape Me (demo)
19. Heart Shaped Box (demo)
20. Do Re Mi (solo acoustic demo)
21. You Know You're Right (solo acoustic demo)
22. All Apologies (solo acoustic demo)