Wu-Tang Forever (Quadruple LP)

Wu-Tang Forever (Quadruple LP) cover
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Wu-Tang Clan
Wu-Tang Forever (Quadruple LP)

[ Loud / 4 LP ]

Release Date: Monday 22 December 0021

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By the time the Wu-Tang Clan finished their first round of solo projects and reconvened for their second album as a group, the double-disc album had become the hip-hop fad of the moment. So why not give it a shot? With a main crew of nine MCs (plus new protégé Cappadonna), the Wu wouldn't have to depend heavily on guest appearances to flesh out two whole discs of material, as Biggie and 2Pac had. The result is Wu-Tang Forever is frequently brilliant.
4 / 5 All Music Guide.


Side A:
Wu-Revolution 6:17
Reunited 5:23

Side Two:
For Heavens Sake 4:13
Cash Still Rules / Scary Hours (Still Don't Nothing Move But The Money) 3:06
Visionz 3:09

Side Three:
As High As Wu-Tang Get 2:39
Severe Punishment 4:49
Older Gods 3:07

Side D:
Maria 2:34
A Better Tomorrow 4:58
It's Yourz 4:15

Side E:
Intro 2:05
Triumph 5:38
Impossible 4:28
Little Ghetto Boys 4:31

Side F:
Deadly Melody 4:03
The City 4:07
The Projects 3:15
Bells Of War 5:12

Side G:
The M.G.M. 2:39
Dog Sh*t 2:39
Duck Seazon 5:20

Side H:
Hellz Wind Staff 4:52
Heaterz 4:19
Black Shampoo 3:50
Second Coming 4:35
The Closing 2:43