Davis: Arcadia

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Davis: Arcadia
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Paul Bateman

[ Signum / CD ]

Release Date: Thursday 10 October 2019

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Oliver Davis graduated from the Royal Academy of Music in 1994 and has since composed numerous concertos, ballet scores, albums, soundtracks and television scores working with many of the major London orchestras.

The Infinite Ocean was composed for choreographer Edwaard Liang and was commissioned by San Francisco Ballet for the Unbound festival, 2018. Liang requested the work to be in six sections and to feature a solo violin. The aim of Aracdia was to create a piece which evoked an idyllic serene place. Gemini was specifically composed for violinist Kerenza Peacock and was designed to explore the contrasting styles of her playing. The Suite for piano and orchestra was written for Huw Watkins on piano and heavily involves thematic development throughout. Inferno began life as a short orchestral sketch, which gradually evolved into a full,
single-movement piece. Lastly, The Elements was commissioned by The Hanke Brothers, who specifically wanted a piece describing the four elements. The ensemble containing piano, viola, recorder and tuba, produces a unique timbre, and the piece explores the possible various aspects of this timbre.


The Infinite Ocean - a Ballet in 6 section for solo violin and orchestra
Ben Baker - Violin
1. I
2. II
3. III
4. IV
5. V
6. VI

7. Arcadia - for solo piano
Huw Watkins - Piano

Gemini - for solo violin and strings
Kerenza Peacock - Violin
8. I
9. II

Suite for piano and orchestra
Huw Watkins - Piano
10. I
11. II

Tracklisting 13. Inferno - for solo violin and orchestra

Kerenza Peacock - Violin

The Elements
The Hanke Brothers
David Hanke - Recorder
Lukas Hanke - Viola/Cajon
Jonathan Hanke - Piano
Fabian Hanke - Tuba/Violin
14. Air
15. Water
16. Fire
17. Earth