Aporia (Limited Edition Yellow Vinyl LP)

Aporia (Limited Edition Yellow Vinyl LP) cover
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Sufjan Stevens And Lowell Brams
Aporia (Limited Edition Yellow Vinyl LP)

[ Asthmatic Kitty / LP ]

Release Date: Friday 27 March 2020

In 2008, Asthmatic Kitty records released a curiosity as part of their now defunct "Library Catalog Music Series" - a demented and wide-ranging UR jam called Music for Insomnia credited to Lowell Brams. On further examination, the liner notes revealed that this banquet of disquieting vibrations included a significant collaborator: the multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter Sufjan Stevens. Since Asthmatic Kitty was Stevens' main outlet, and Lowell Brams was the label's founder (and Sufjan's stepdad), this pairing wasn't surprising. But the musical output was.

Music For Insomnia was an entire album of drones, dissonance and queasy synth squelches replete with titles that referenced various sleep aids and disturbances.

Sufjan and Lowell never stopped making music together. After over 10 years without a co-release, the music on their new, mostly instrumental album Aporia is everything that Insomnia is not. Where Insomnia alienates, Aporia charms. Where Insomnia is frivolous, Aporia's 21 tightly crafted songs resonate with a gem-like intensity.


1. Ousia
2. What It Takes
3. Disinheritance
4. Agathon
5. Determined Outcome
6. Misology
7. Afterworld Alliance
8. Palinodes
9. Backhanded Cloud
10. Glorious You
11. For Raymond Scott
12. Matronymic
13. The Red Desert
14. Conciliation
15. Ataraxia
16. The Unlimited
17. The Runaround
18. Climb That Mountain
19. Captain Praxis
20. Eudaimonia
21.The Lydian Ring

The Runaround