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Lullabies To Violaine Volume 1 cover
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2-6 weeks
Cocteau Twins
Lullabies To Violaine Volume 1
[ 4AD Records / 2 CD - released 18/Apr/2006 ]
All the tracks from across the their entire career have been compiled to form 'Lullabies To Violaine: Singles & Extended Plays' in two double sets. 'Volume 1' covers the band's 4AD era [1982-1990].
Fever Ray cover
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2-6 weeks
Fever Ray
Fever Ray
[ Vicious / CD - released 8/Jun/2009 ]
Fever Ray is Karin Dreijer Andersson, one half of The Knife. Fever Ray is also the title of both this project & album - an evocation of the music's sound, intense + anxious, yet luminous.
Alpinisms cover
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2-6 weeks
School of Seven Bells
[ Speak N Spell / CD - released 12/Jan/2009 ]
On 'Alpinism', School of Seven Bells' debut full-length, this trio deliver a heavenly blend of vocal harmonies & post-krautrock chug.
Conditions (Tour Edition) cover
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2-6 weeks
The Temper Trap
Conditions (Tour Edition)
[ Liberation Records / 2 CD - released 5/Aug/2010 ]
This limited edition features a second CD with live tracks and remixes. The Temper Trap are quite possibly the most exciting musical discovery to come out of Australia for years...